Our Areas of Expertise

LEGIRA Consulting Partners is an advisory company assisting its clients in international business matters and wealth planning. We help to manage your corporate structures, no matter the jurisdiction and assist you with your setup of the board of directors. Our experts are standing by to efficiently and responsibly support with tasks including opening bank accounts for your company, filing your accounting reports on time, and creating financial statements which you need as part of your business bookkeeping.

LEGIRA Consulting Partners committed to the highest international professional standards. Trust in our experience and expert advice to get you through any matter which you may have thought to be difficult or impossible. This gives you the precious time and space to give your business its fullest attention when it needs you most, rather than delegating and juggling too many concerns at one time.

It is our pleasure to take the mundane away from your day and present you with legally sound and legislatively compliant finished documents and business services.

LEGIRA Consulting Partners offers in particular the following services:

Administration & Management

Administration of legal entities in the Principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland together with local partners as required by the law.

Private Foundations, Trusts & Co

Assistance in the incorporation of private foundations, trusts, establishments and corporations in the Principality of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and other foreign jurisdictions.

Wealth Structuring & Estate Planning

Advising on the complex wealth structuring and estate planning, as well as effective re-structuring matters.

Residency & Passport Matters

Consulting on the residency and European passports matters.

Family Office Services

We offer our tailored services for the needs of wealthy families.

Philanthropic Strategies

Support on the development of philanthropic strategies and implementation of charitable missions.

The private foundation is a legal entity that has neither owners nor shareholders. The foundation in Liechtenstein may exist for an unlimited period of time or be established for a specific period of time. It is possible to use the foundation as a holding company or as a vehicle for preserving succession rights.

The Liechtenstein trust is not significantly different from trusts established under Anglo-Saxon law. For example, in Liechtenstein law there is no “rule against perpetuity”. Therefore, a trust in Liechtenstein may be established for an indefinite period of time.

“Today, succession planning is becoming increasingly important, especially for those clients whose assets are distributed all over the world. Many clients are in search of the “right” universal solution, which now simply does not exist due to the legislative changes, compliance policies and regulatory reforms. To date, all effective solutions require a highly tailor-made approach.”

– Irina Nuener, Managing Partner of LEGIRA Consulting Partners GmbH